Welcome to Campaign Designer.

The Campaign Designer software application started out several years ago as a simple gamers tool for generating random treasure information for our adventures.   Over the years, the software has gathered more features and eventually switched to the “Pathfinder” campaign system in the last few years.

The software application uses a multi-window system, so the game master can open several editor windows and generate various information into those windows.   Each window can then be saved to disk, and/or printed to a local printer for later use in their game worlds.  The software allows for the random generation of individual treasure items like scrolls and/or potions, to a complex generation of complete “Treasure Types”, like treasure type H.

Campaign Designer can also generate individual monster encounters, including any treasure that the monster may have in their layer as well as entire encounter tables for a various number of days.   Monster encounter information like daytime cycle and climate information can be specified on a monster-by-monster situation, as well as custom encounter tables were a specific type of monster (ie:  Goblins) can be more frequently encountered.

One of the latest developments to the designer software was the creation of “Templates”, these are customizable and extensible pieces of game information like city treasury, or intelligent weapon attributes and powers.    These templates can be added and extended using the Pascal and/or Visual Basic programming languages, or you can download additions from our web site as they become available.

All information in this application is also exportable and importable into other Campaign Designer applications, so you and your friends can share your individual creations.

We hope you find this application as useful as we have over the years.    Please try the software package our for a free 30 days, if after that you continue to find the application as useful as we have, consider purchasing a software license for $99.95.